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At Red Balloon we believe parents are children’s first and most enduring educators. We work in close partnership with parents and use parental knowledge and expertise to support the learning opportunities we provide.


We believe that good communication is key to developing good relationships. We operate an open door policy and parents are always welcome to discuss any issues relating to their child or the nursery at any time. 

Each child is assigned to a key worker who has responsibility for monitoring their progress and maintaining development records. We hold regular parents evenings which give you the opportunity to discuss your child’s development profile with their key worker.

We recognise that leaving a child at nursery for the first time is not easy and can be an unsettling time for both parents and children. We will try to ease this process by offering a complimentary settling in period for your child which will comprise an unrestricted number of settling in sessions, including an initial introductory visit to your home, which will give you the opportunity to discuss your child’s individual needs and routine with their keyworker.

The need to be kept informed is paramount to the standard of customer care and good quality practice within the nursery. General notices are displayed in the entrance hall and room-specific notices are displayed on the notice boards outside the rooms.

A newsletter is distributed weekly and our popular ClarionCall system enables us to communicate with parents day-to-day by email and text.

Parents are invited to attend various information evenings throughout the year as well as bi-annual Parent Consultation Group forums which give us the opportunity to seek parents’ views and to share our plans.