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Special People


Excellent staff are the single most important element of an excellent nursery.

We operate a stringent and demanding recruitment process in order to select the highest quality, well-qualified and experienced staff who display absolute dedication to providing the highest standards in childcare and a genuine commitment to the safety, development and wellbeing of the children in their care.


The Red Balloon team has a broad range of skills and experience. A majority of the team hold qualified status (NVQ3 or equivalent) and those who are not already qualified are currently working towards a qualification. All staff have access to diverse training opportunities in order to develop themselves as individuals and to achieve continuous improvement within the nursery.  

At Red Balloon we try as a matter of principle to employ higher ratios of staff to children than those required by Ofsted. Our philosophy is the more hands on deck the better which means children in our care receive greater individual attention.

We have a policy to avoid using agency staff in order to ensure continuity of care for the children. To this end we have a fantastic support team who are able to assist when our permanent team members are ill or on holiday. Our support team work regularly in the nursery so their faces are always familiar to the children and they understand fully how we work at Red Balloon.

All staff are required to hold a recent first aid qualification and all staff are subject to police, health and reference checks.