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Safe & Sound

At Red Balloon we believe safety and security are paramount and we insist upon uncompromising safety standards at all times.


The entrance to the nursery is fitted with a high security fob access control system.

The fob allows parents to access the entrance porch only. Visual identification must then be made via a CCTV camera before any visitors to the nursery are allowed to enter the premises. For maximum reassurance we have 16 CCTV cameras located throughout the building both internally and externally. All CCTV images are stored for 1 month*


*Cobham & Weybridge only – at Ockham all external doors are pin coded and the front entrance door is covered by CCTV for additional security.


Live Webcam (Cobham & Weybridge)

At Red Balloon we believe in complete transparency. Webcam is a means of allowing parents to maintain a sense of proximity to their child even when they are separated during the day. Parents and relatives will be issued with a unique password which will give you the ability to watch your child within the nursery setting in real time via the internet from any remote computer.


Webcam employs military graded security technologies to ensure complete exclusion of unauthorised access. We hope that our webcam facility will serve both as a means of reassuring you and of giving you a greater sense of involvement in the time that your child spends at nursery.