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Our Approach at

Red Balloon


My name is Abby Auty, I am co-founder and co-owner of Red Balloon. Caroline and I established Red Balloon in 2004. We originally met at ante-natal classes when we were both expecting our first child and we soon became firm friends. We both returned to work after maternity leave and were disappointed that we were unable to find a nursery which met our high standards. We were seeking an exceptional quality of care which mirrored our own values as parents but we found that local nurseries failed to fulfil our high expectations. So, fuelled by our passion to deliver truly outstanding childcare, we established Red Balloon with an aim to providing everything we, as mothers ourselves, feel like-minded parents would want for their children and themselves….


Abby & Caroline introduce you to Red Balloon Day Nurseries

Our approach has always been from the perspective of a parent which, coupled with the extensive skills and childcare experience of our teams, creates the unique environment that is Red Balloon.

At Red Balloon we foster a home-from-home environment within nurturing and safe surroundings where all children can feel relaxed, happy and self-assured.

We aim to provide a stimulating environment which offers every opportunity to learn, to create and to explore. Whilst recognising the importance of social, intellectual and academic development, we are also only too aware that children are only children once so having lots and lots of fun is always at the top of our agenda.

At Red Balloon we pride ourselves on truly knowing the children in our care as individuals and understanding their specific family circumstances. We respect the fact that all children think, feel, behave and develop in different ways and at different rates. We aim to enable children to express their individuality and to set their own pace. We value the diversity of all the children in our care and celebrate their differences.

Our aspiration is to consistently exceed your expectations by providing truly outstanding care for your child; continuous improvement is at the heart of our ethos. The most important way in which we seek to deliver on our promises to parents is through the Red Balloon team. At Red Balloon we aim to recruit well-qualified individuals with a wealth of different skills and experience who most importantly display a genuine passion for children and an absolute dedication to providing the highest standards in quality care.